Beginner Contributions

All of our contributors and coders will receive a Badge of Appreciation in our forum and granted full access on our forum.

How do you begin making valuable contributions? Here are some simple tips:

  • Join the community first. You can join our forum to find out where people are talking, follow along, and speak up when you have something meaningful to add.
  • Look for simple tasks. If you’re not quite ready to dive in with your own new code, use the time to read up on the project’s current state and most recent releases. From this reading you can likely identify fixed bugs with tickets you could help close or documentation you could update.
  • Write a test or example. Start working with the code base itself by writing a needed test, or adding a new example to the documentation.
  • When you’re ready to code, start by fixing a bug. This is where most developers dive in, and it’s a good place to make an impact early on.
  • Stick with it. Your contributions may not be prioritized until you’ve been around a little longer, so keep sending updates and be responsive to feedback.

Note: You need to prepare your own test script or test plan and submit the test script or test plan for your bug fixes in the Apply tab under Enhancement on our homepage and to submit your code to one of our Sharp Eye Team to integrate into the Sharp Eye PNR software.