‘Sharp Eye PNR’ is our flagship’s security enhancement product. This product ensures safety and security for the public. Our latest technology helps to improve the security of the building and provides genuine
safety for the public.

‘Sharp Eye PNR’ is a Desktop system which will enhance security measures with added features. This helps reduce crimes and restore safety and protection among our community. ‘Sharp Eye PNR’ is abbreviation for Sharp Eye Plate Number Recognition Software that helps retrieve information by searching for the vehicle’s owner via the plate number recognition from the camera or CCTVs and alert the users when suspicious plate number is detected

‘Sharp Eye PNR’ will trigger an alarm system to warn securities and public to be on alert. ‘Sharp Eye PNR’ will detect and capture the images and save it into the storage server which located in designated residence’s management or shopping mall’s server room or security house’s server room and trigger alarm system to warn publics.

Note: If you want to contribute, join in our team and be a committer / contributor for this project.